Ecommerce Revenue Optimization

Limited Availability | Application Required

An entire ecommerce team... for less than the cost of 1 salary.

For businesses that are all-in on growing their ecommerce channel and want full support of the tactics required. The EASY Program includes Ecommerce Strategy & Advisory plus Email & SMS Engagement, Ecommerce SEO and additional hours for CRO and Ecom Ops support.

Ecommerce Revenue Optimization

Get ecommerce off the desk of your marketing people and into the hands of experienced ecommerce experts who can give it the attention it needs to grow.

What you get:

Ecommerce Strategy

Work with a Senior Ecommerce Strategist with retail experience to guide your strategy, tech decisions, and create confidence around your ecommerce channel. Facilitated through our Ecommerce Advisory Program, we meet regularly with your team to guide the tactics needed for growth.

Ecommerce Ops & CRO

The day-to-day management of everything in Shopify. Apps, landing pages, CRO, UX/UI testing, merchandising, adding new products, tech dev, tech support, data analysis and insights. We tend to the complete ecommerce garden.

Email & SMS Marketing

Still the highest revenue generating activity, Email & SMS Marketing requires continual improvements based on data and consumer behaviour to ensure your customer is getting exactly the right content when they want it. We create, build and run your email & sms program within Klaviyo.

Search Engine Optimization

We use data-driven, brand fitting and strategic ethical methodologies that ranks your keywords higher on Google. We lead all the research, content writing, and on-site optimizations needed to grow and maintain high search rankings with your target customer segments.

The EASY Program

Limited Availability | Application Required

The EASY Program is $7,997/mo USD on a 12-month agreement. This term reflects the standard retail shopping calendar and the time required to build sustainable growth.

We work with select brands who meet these minimum requirements:

  • Minimum $1 million in revenues (preferably $3m+)
  • Products within the Fashion or DTC Product Industries (preferably apparel)
  • Have a least 1 full-time Marketer in-house
  • Have a digital ads budget and ads agency (we don't do digital ads)
  • On Shopify & Klaviyo (or willing to migrate)

Get an entire ecommerce team... for less than the cost of 1 salary.

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We offer 2 streams

Having worked client-side in the fashion and DTC ecommerce industries, we've built The EASY Program around these two business streams to utilize shared knowledge and experience that drives growth.

Fashion Ecommerce

We're rooted in the fashion industry. Size charts, fit guides, SS / FW drops, limited runs, technical fabrics, merchandising... you get to work with an ecommerce team that has seen thousands of product drops, understands the nuance of sizing/grading, and knows how the full omnichannel experience must work seamlessly.

Inventory management? Returns? Exchanges? Loyalty? Sale Events, VIPs and clienteling? We've seen it all.

DTC Ecommerce

DTC is competitive. and mid-to-bottom funnel tactics drive growth. Customers have limited time and lots of things vying for their attention. We've brought new concepts to market by distilling complex, technical and highly nuanced product benefits down to short, digestible reasons-to-buy that drive conversion.

We specialize in communicating your DTC ecommerce experience to an attention challenged, mobile centric customer who is always looking for what's next.

Case Study

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Garden Tools


GrowOya's mission is to save busy gardeners time - making it fast, easy, and beautiful to create a life force of goodness in the garden.

What we did:

  • Built an ecommerce channel from $0 revenue
  • Set up the ecommerce stack, including email, reviews, affiliates and selected an ad partner
  • Coordinated branding, photoshoots, and asset production need for ecom best practices
  • Created product unique selling propositions and related messaging.
  • Lead target customer research using Claritas data

What we achieved:

  • Went from $0 to 6 figures in year 1, doubled that in year 2, doubled again in year 3 to over 7 figures, and tracking to double again in year 4.
  • 25% increase to conversion rate year-over-year
  • 15% increase to returning customer rate
  • A best in class visual shopping experience in the gardening industry