hiring the best since 1983 (before that, it was a disaster)

We know retail

we believe that someone who has walked a mile in your shoes will be very tired and wonder why they were walking instead of driving.

as your ecommerce partner, we'll drive you around. we only hire people who have worked in retail so they know where to get you.

Joel - Founder, Head of Strategy

Having run ecommerce teams generating $1M-$500M, Joel brings an expert view into what businesses need to scale. An experienced C-level leader, master of Shopify, Sauder Business School Graduate and passionate ecommerce shopper, Joel creates ecommerce solutions for retailers.

Katie - Sr. Ecommerce Strategist

Katie leads client strategy engagements - bringing 10 years of Director level retail, ecommerce and operations to drive opportunities for retailers. From Shopify landing pages, return programs, inventory management, and forecasting, Katie guides retailers to achieve their goals.

Heather - Ecommerce Operations

Heather manages the daily operations of Shopify, launching sale campaigns, merchandising collections, updating pricing and products to ensure the 'behind the scenes' of ecommerce operates smoothly and delivers an amazing customer experience.

Camilla - Email & SMS Marketing

An experienced copywriter and content strategist, Camilla focuses on condensing big ideas into digestible email and sms campaigns and flows. She has previously worked for global retailers and on behalf of CEOs communicating brand stories to audiences through impactful storytelling.

Marcus - SEO & SEM

Marcus spends his entire day connecting customers to brands. On the search engine optimization side, he's constantly implementing tactics to help customers find the brands that they are looking for. On the Search Engine Marketing side, he gets compelling ads in front of searchers.

Mitch - Art Direction & UX

As an experienced retail creative, Mitch balances UX/UI with brand creative to ensure customers can shop effectively while experiencing the brand story. Mitch leads the creative development of ecommerce sites and experiences.

Maria - Tech Development

Maria has worked on technical ecommerce solutions for retailers running on Shopify and Shopify Plus and is our resident tech solution guru. She also has cats, which makes her very very cool.

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