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we're an ecommerce agency.

we're obsessed with results. we have a lot of fun.

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"EASY are the smartest players in the ecom game."

Brant (not Brent), CEO -

"The results speak for themselves. Growth."

Brett (not Brant), CEO -

"The track record shows. EASY's input leads to results."

Felix, CEO -

"Invaluable expertise that's taken ecom to the next level."

Katy, Co-Owner -

"Our ecom is living the EASY life now."

James, CEO -

Anyone can manage ecommerce poorly

get experienced ecommerce advisory, new Shopify themes, email/sms marketing, SEO & SEM, and full ecommerce operations to put your ecommerce at ease.
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We get it. Ecommerce isn’t your thing. Live your best life instead.

This is what we do

as your Ecommerce Advisor, we use our shopping addiction (and world-class ecommerce experience) to create omg, I want this responses when customers hit your site.

i spell ecom "e-com" and sometimes "ecomm." help?

We're obsessed with results

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If you’re wondering, "can these guys be so awesome and actually know what they are doing?"

The answer is yes.


our team comes from retail. In fact, it's a requirement to work here. we have deep experience leading B2C and DTC ecommerce across North American retailers with ecommerce sales up to $500 million.
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Who we've worked with

Wow okay, so what things do you do?

ecommerce advisory

the best brands use our deep retail ecommerce experience to advise their marketing teams. get smart.

Shopify site builds

the best brands overhaul their site once a year to stay relevant. stay cool.

email/sms marketing

the best brands use email/sms to drive 40% of their revenues. get money.

seo and sem

the best brands use the internet to help customers find them. get customers.

ecommerce operations

the best brands have minions running their ecommerce backend smoothly. get minions.