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Outdoor Lifestyle Apparel

Wondery Outdoors

Wondery Outdoors is dedicated to liberating women in the outdoors through awareness, resources, and the creation of a women's outdoor community.

What we did:

  • Migration to Shopify Plus
  • Build a new site experience
  • Configured the Shopify backend to best practices
  • Advised leadership on ecommerce strategy

What we achieved:

  • 54% revenue increase (high 6-figures) in 90 days after launch
  • 299% revenue increase year-over-year (in the millions)
  • Add-To-Cart Rate up 23%
  • Conversion Rate up 14%

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Luxury Footwear

Viberg Boots

For over 100 years, this 3rd generation family business has been hand making luxury footwear in North America.

What we did:

  • Ecommerce Advisory to the CEO
  • Ecom channel growth expansion
  • 3D foot sizing to pair with recommended shoe last
  • KPI setup and business analysis on decisions of returns, shipping, pricing
  • Hired key internal roles

What we achieved:

  • 16% year-over-year sales growth from existing traffic
  • 10% conversion rate increase
  • Built a cohesive and internal marketing/ecommerce team within the business

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Specialty Climbing Apparel

Climb On

Climb On Equipment exists to serve the needs of those that play in the mountains and work at heights. As a specialty climbing supplier for over 20 years, Climb On is the premier online expert for all things climbing.

What we did:

  • Migration from Lightspeed Ecom to Shopify Plus
  • Setup and provisioning of a new ecommerce site
  • Annual Ecommerce Advisory, working with the core team to achieve their goals and increase their knowledge
  • Ecommerce SEO to grow their organic brand awareness and traffic

What we achieved:

  • #1 keyword positions, beating national, multi-location retailers
  • 49% increase in revenues over 90 days
  • 14% increase to AOV
  • 10% increase to conversion rate
  • Successfully migrated to the #1 ecommerce platform in the world

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Garden Tools


GrowOya's mission is to save busy gardeners time - making it fast, easy, and beautiful to create a life force of goodness in the garden.

What we did:

  • Built an ecommerce channel from $0 revenue
  • Set up the ecommerce stack, including email, reviews, affiliates and selected an ad partner
  • Coordinated branding, photoshoots, and asset production need for ecom best practices
  • Created product unique selling propositions and related messaging.
  • Lead target customer research using Claritas data

What we achieved:

  • Went from $0 to 6 figures in year 1, doubled that in year 2, doubled again in year 3 to over 7 figures, and tracking to double again in year 4.
  • 25% increase to conversion rate year-over-year
  • 15% increase to returning customer rate
  • A best in class visual shopping experience in the gardening industry

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