Conversion Rate Optimization for Fashion Apparel Brands

We're rooted in the fashion and accessories market

Size charts, fit guides, SS / FW drops, limited runs, technical fabrics, merchandising... our fashion ecommerce agency has deep ecommerce experience in apparel, footwear and accessories.

Fashion Ecommerce Agency

We come from retail. We know retail. We hire from retail.

You get to work with an ecommerce team that has seen thousands of product drops, understands the nuance of sizing/grading, and knows how the full omnichannel experience must work seamlessly.

Inventory management? Returns? Exchanges? Loyalty? Sale Events, VIPs and clienteling? We've seen it all.

Our Programs

30-Day CRO Theme Upgrade

The average Shopify theme hasn't been updated in 3 years. If this is you, and/or you have a custom built or hard coded theme, it's time for an EASY upgrade. The foundation of CRO is a speedy and agile Shopify theme. We start here by upgrading your site to utilize the very latest Shopify Features and functions. Not on Shopify? We can migrate you there.

90-Day Conversion Boost Program

With a strong foundation set from your CRO Theme Upgrade, we embark on a 90 day Conversion Program. Conversion is the collective sum of the hundreds of variables that remove friction and compel customers to purchase. We tackle ecommerce operations like shipping, delivery times, product attributes, shopify apps and site experience details like navigation, search, merchandising, collection pages, product pages, copy, and cart to raise ATC and CR metrics.

"Who is my Customer?" Research

Get EXACT certainty about who your customers are. Of the 68 socio-economic segments that exist, we'll tell you what your top segments are, your penetration rate, the size, geography, and real demographic and psychographic profiles (ages, family status, income, and lifestyle behaviors). Use this information to tailor messaging, marketing and ad spend more efficiently.

Customer Service Strategy

We use Gorgias, the leading provide of Customer Service Software, built for ecommerce brands. We'll assess your needs and outline the opportunities to turn your customer service channel from a cost center and into a revenue driver. We'll setup and configure Gorgias (email, chat, sms, voice, social, etc) in the first month and then work with you to optimize each channel in the months following.

Email & SMS Marketing

Still the highest revenue generating activity, Email & SMS Marketing requires continual improvements based on data and consumer behaviour to ensure your customer is getting exactly the right content when they want it. We create, build and run your email & sms program within Klaviyo.

Search Engine Optimization

We use data-driven, brand fitting and strategic ethical methodologies that ranks your keywords higher on Google. We lead all the research, content writing, and on-site optimizations needed to grow and maintain high search rankings with your target customer segments.

Ecommerce Strategy & Advisory

Work with a Senior Ecommerce Strategist with retail experience to guide your strategy, tech decisions, and create confidence around your ecommerce channel. Facilitated through our Ecommerce Advisory Program, we meet regularly with your team to guide the tactics needed for growth.

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