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DTC builds loyal communities

As a DTC ecommerce agency, we work to connect deeply with customers via first party data to establish lasting brand relationships.

DTC Ecommerce Agency

DTC is competitive. Customers have limited time and lots of things vying for their attention. Without a purposeful conversion strategy, DTC brands can get lots of lookers but struggle to convert them into customers.

We're an experienced DTC ecommerce agency, having brought new concepts to market by distilling complex, technical and highly nuanced product benefits down to short, digestible reasons-to-buy that drive conversion.

We specialize in communicating your DTC ecommerce experience to an attention challenged, mobile centric customer who is always looking for what's next.

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An entire DTC ecommerce agency

...for less than the cost of 1 senior salary.

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We call it The EASY Program.

Get ecommerce off the side-of-the-desk of your marketing people. You'll get a team of 3-5 experienced DTC ecommerce experts who will work with you marketing team to truly give ecommerce the attention it needs to grow.

Ecommerce Leadership

Executive-level experience, deeply knowledgable and tech savvy guidance from a data driven ecommerce strategist. Facilitated through our Ecommerce Advisory program, we set the quarterly KPIs and goals needed to drive growth.

The Ecommerce Site

Gone are the days of build it and leave it - change occurs too quickly now. We continually optimize your site conversion journey, keeping it relevant to changing technologies and customer expectations. In many cases, updates happen weekly.

Ecommerce Operations

The day-to-day operations of everything in Shopify. UX/UI testing, merchandising, adding new products, tech dev, tech support, app management, data analysis, building landing pages, insights. We tend to the complete ecommerce garden.

Email & SMS Marketing

Still the highest revenue generating activity, Email & SMS Marketing also requires continual improvements based on data and consumer behaviour to ensure your customer is getting exactly the right content when they want it. We lead everything (content included).

Search Engine Optimization

We know what actually works here. We use data-driven, brand fitting and strategic ethical methodologies that ranks your keywords higher on Google. We lead all the research, content writing, and on-site optimizations needed to grow and maintain high search rankings with your target customer segments.

The EASY Program

An entire DTC ecommerce team

From $7,997/mo USD

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Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Wilder Harrier

Food allergies among dogs are incredibly common. Itchy skin, irritable bowels, and picky eaters are all symptoms of protein allergies. Wilder Harrier harvest invasive species, like Asian Carp and Black Soldier Flies to make dog food that is hypoallergenic.

The challenge with this DTC brand was that their customers were "weirded out" by the ingredients. It was a great sustainability story, but prospective customers got stuck on the ingredients. Our solution: Lean in. We built a new ecommerce experience around the concept of weird, coining the tagline "Weirdly great dog food." The conversion rate doubled.

Garden Irrigation


GrowOya makes the Oya Watering Pot, an incredible garden watering device that reduces the need to water your garden from daily to weekly. GrowOya had be slugging it out in retail stores for years with limited success. Prospective customers couldn't wrap their heads around how it worked.

We saw a perfect opportunity to launch GrowOya into ecommerce where we could explain their product succinctly and quickly. The result: Explosive growth. Raving customers. And an unheard of retail return rate of <0.1%... and that's with a 90 day money back guarantee.

The EASY Program

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